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Manage g8keeper-agent on server

Once G8keeper Agent is installed on the server, it sets up a new service on the server. The service is named “G8Keeper-monitoring”. All the files for the program are setup in ‘/opt/g8keeper’ folder. Following are a few important files with g8keeper-agent.

  1. g8keeper-agent: This is the main g8keeper-agent executable. This is the process that runs and collects all the statistics from the server and passes it along to server.
  2. This is a program that can be used to carry out a lot of maintenance functions on g8keeper-agent, which will be detailed in the section on “Manage g8keeper-agent section.
  3. watch: This is a folder that is created in /opt/g8keeper folder. This is used for temporary storage by the agent.
  4. There are a few settings files that are created by the agent when its running. These are settings.ini, setting.json, running.ini

Manage g8keeper-agent

For managing the agent, you will need to login to the sever using shell access. You will need root access for some of the commands. Following are some of the important functions that can be done to manage g8keeper agent.

  1. Start Agent: g8keeper-agent is started by default when setup and restarts automatically on reboot. However it can manually be started with following command. sudo service g8keeper-monitoring start
  2. Stop Agent: As and when needed g8keeper-agent can be stopped by running following command. sudo service g8keeper-monitoring stop
  3. Agent Status: The g8keeper-agent running status can be viewed with following command sudo service g8keeper-monitoring status Alternatively, without sudo access, the running status of the agent can be viewed with /opt/g8keeper/ status
  4. Restart Agent: g8keeper agent can be restarted with the following command sudo service g8keeper-monitoring restart
  5. Update Agent: Since g8keeper-agent is evolving fast and new features are getting added, you may need to update the agent on the server. This is a very simple process, all you have to do is to run this command on the server and this will safely upgrade the agent on server. sudo /opt/g8keeper/ update
  6. Uninstall Agent: Uninstalling g8keeper is as easy and simple as setting it up. You can run following command to uninstall g8keeper-agent from the server sudo /opt/g8keeper/ uninstall

This is the list of most of the management tasks you can perform on the agent. Also when g8keeper-agent is running on the server it will show up as g8keeper-agent in the process list.

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