GateKeeper Features!

GateKeeper is a "no code" solution with setup that is a breeze.

It comes with all the useful defaults to make web monitoring easy.

Currently it offers following features -


Domain Related Features

  • Keep track of domain related features right from where the domain has been purchased from, to when does it expire. Relevant timely alerts.
  • Keep track of DNS server and all the sub domains.
  • SSL enabled or not to when the certificate expires.
  • Domain and IP blacklisting

And we know that these are the basic things needed for all domains, so these are not optionals that need to be configured. They are there with all domains that you add in the system.

URL Monitoring

  • Monitor your URLs to ensure that they are Up or not.
  • Get timely alerts in case it goes down
  • Track response and up times
  • Integrate with Cloudflare to automatically pull new subdomains created and enable tracking on the same automatically.

Search Engine Monitoring

  • Track Search Engine Rank for each of your keywords

Social Media Monitoring

  • Add social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to track
    • Followers
    • Posts and user interaction


  • Keep check on blacklisting of your domain for sending spam



Monitor basic server statistics like

  • Network Monitoring
  • CPU RAM Swap Monitoring
  • Disk IO and Usage Monitoring
  • Top Processes in terms of Memory and CPU usage

Server Security Monitoring

  • Failed SSH Logins
  • Monitor web exposed folders for file modification
  • Monitor if any unwanted files are exposed on web
  • Network ports opened and listening

Backup Management

  • Backup files and folders
  • Backup MySQL Databases
  • Encrypt your backup
  • Save backup on your web space
    • S3
    • Dropbox
    • Google drive
  • Track size of backup how it changes over time

Advanced Monitoring

  • Apache / Nginx Monitoring
    • Uptime monitoring
    • Traffic and log analysis
  • MySQL
    • Detailed MySQL monitoring
      • Uptime
      • Table size modification
      • Slow queries
      • Connections and threads
      • Read Write Latency

CRON Job monitoring

  • Automatic listing of all configured jobs
  • Automatic monitoring of all CRON jobs
  • Logging of completion time for CRON jobs

All this without any additional configuration or writing any piece of code.


Realtime Notifications

  • Telegram notifications
  • Browser notifications
  • Email notifications

Support cloud server
(AWS, GCP , Azure and others)

  • Only Linux OS Supported currently
    • Ubuntu
    • CentOS
    • AWS linux

For server monitoring, you need to install our agent on the server. We have taken special care to keep the agent highly optimised. Our philosophy for agent software which lives on your server is:

  • Capture minimal set of data that is critical.
  • We should have sufficient data to diagnose issue and reach root cause.
  • Use minimal resources on server

We love linux and use it primarily for web hosting. Hence currently we only support Linux. We hope to be able to be able to support other OS also in future. But for now, linux it is!

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