Web application Monitoring

In today’s market scenario to be successful, most of the businesses need to have web presence whether they are predominantly operating offline. What most of the businesses end up doing is, they setup website or web application and assume that their job is done and now people can visit the website and will be able to get all the information they need. This is something similar to setting up shop and leaving is unattended and assuming that things will start selling. But as would happen in the offline scenario, if shop is left unattended, miscreants would come and probably rob the shop or use the resource for their own benefit, similarly in online scenario, there are hackers looking to hack into similar unattended websites and steal your web presence for their own benefit. The hackers may just be looking for a freely available email servers to send out spam or take advantage of processing power of your web server to run their malicious processes or suck the juice of SEO work that you have done to redirect traffic to their own site. The reasons could be many but what this leaves you with is a bad reputation on the web. Either your domain would get black listed or you SEO rankings will drop or in worst case valuable data of your customers would be hacked into and leaked. Best way to keep your website safe is to keep it updated regularly with the latest software changes. However, at times, we miss out one or 2 tiny things and the site gets hacked.

It is imperative that when you have setup web presence with so much effort, you should keep a watch on the website and resources, so that you get notified immediately if something is going wrong. It is with this thinking, we have implemented website monitoring in G8keeper.

G8Keeper checks for malware and blacklist

G8keeper, leverages Google API to check if there is any malware planted on your website. Also, G8Keeper keeps track of your website or IP and checks it against well known blacklists to check if your ip or domain is getting blacklisted due to some illegitimate activities going on in your website. In addition to checking with Google, we also have our own proprietary algorithm to validate pages on the website to check for malware. We continually update this based on the new threats appearing in the online space and try and keep you informed as soon as we find anything that appears fishy.

All of this happens automatically once you setup domain with G8Keeper.

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