Social Media Page Monitoring

We are living in a social era. Everything online is about being social. From information consumption to buying and selling products its all about your social presence. Everyone and every brand has social media presence and if you want to be successful, it is almost mandatory to have social media presence and connect with your followers on a daily basis. Big brands have dedicated staff to manage social media profiles and newer brands, who cannot afford to have dedicated staff, either do it themselves or outsource the same to a third party vendor.

Whatever stage your brand may be at, what is important is you cannot ignore the power of social media and you need to consistently grow your brands social media reach. Growth will only be possible if you are measuring the right attributes and correlating it with the efforts that you are putting in. This is where G8keeper can help. You can configure your social media pages related to your brand on G8Keeper and we keep track of important metrics on your brand’s social media performance and present the same on a simple dashboard. All of this hassle free and automatically with just one time configuration.

Social Media Metrics at G8Keeper

Once you have setup your domain, you can easily add your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) on the domain page and thats pretty much it. We leverage the integration with social media accounts and pull out data relevant to you and present it on a easy to read dashboard.

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