Search Engine Rank Monitoring

What is Search Engine Rank you ask, well anyone running a website would tell you this is one of the most important metric to track. This one thing can be the difference between success and failure for your online brand.

Search engine rank is the number on which your website shows on search results when a website related keyword is searched on a search engine such as google, bing etc. For example, let’s assume that you are running a website that displays information related to hotels and helps users book hotel room. Information about the same hotel would be available on number of websites. What users, who are looking to book hotel, generally do is search relevant keywords on popular search engines and generally click through to websites that come up in the search results. Most of the people navigate to sites that appear in top 3 to 5 results on the search result page. It is quite likely that there may be a good site, probably giving good discount on hotel booking, down at the bottom of the search result page or on second or the third page but the users very rarely visit the those pages.

Businesses make a lot of investment and effort to be in the top of search result page. However, search engine rank is a dynamic thing and it not only changes with your effort but also what the competition is doing. After all only 3 players can be in top 3 search results. Hence it becomes really important to keep track of search engine rank for the website. Generally people who work on SEO manually keep track of how the ranking on the search page is changing over time.

What G8Keeper does is, allows you to automatically track the changes in the search rank of the website. All you have to do is add the domain with G8keeper and then add keywords that are relevant for your domain. G8keeper periodically collects ranking information from search engines, stores and present the same in a manner that helps you keep yourself updated without much effort.

Search Engine Rank Listing

Once you set this up you can easily measure the effectiveness of your SEO effort and do more or less of the same depending on how the rank is getting impacted.

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