URL monitoring and reporting

Imagine a dreadful scenario where your website is down you are completely unaware about it until a customer emails you or call you up. This not only results in loss of business, customer goodwill, but it also has a long term impact. If the search engine crawls your website and finds that your site is down or running slow, you get a hit on search engine ranking. Whether the website is running without errors or is currently down and giving issues to website visitors is an issue that all the online business owners are worried about. G8keeper is aware of this and has devised solutions to handle this for you.

URL Monitoring and reporting

You can configure G8keeper to monitor your website, multiple urls and report to you as soon as G8keeper notices that your website has slowed down considerably or is not working. You can configure to receive realtime alerts on email, telegram or other suitable medium.

You have options to configure the frequency of crawl. It can be anything between 1 minute to 15 minutes depending on how soon you want the error to be detected and notified.

Not only that we keep response time data logged so that you can always refer back to it and compare to see if recent changes have made the site more performant or slowed it down.

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